Presentation of the museum

The 1400m² museum showcases an important collection of uniforms, vehicles, personal objects, weapons. Many reconsitutions of Amercian and German service life dive you into the heart of the D-day story permitting a peep into the daily lives of all those who landed to liberate us and to whom we owe our profound respect. Superb archival photographs and explanatory notes on the landing at Omaha. Thematic signs depicting all the phases of the period of the occupation until the landing. During the visit a film featuring American veteran’s testimonies, will guide you through the story of the D-day landing on Omaha and Point du Hoc.

All various items belonging to soldiers, many of which are personal and were in everyday use.

The Museum Collection has been richly endowed and is constantly evolving.

The museum is suitable for children. Self-guided tour. Visit duration: 1 hour.

Entrée musée mémorial Omaha Beach Exterieur-musee-agrandissement
Char Sherman Musée Mémorial Omaha Beach Extérieur Canon Long Tom Barge LCVP Jeep
Entrée musée WN65
Vitrine et panneaux explicatifs Musée Mémorial Omaha Beach Scène de l'occupation allemande en Normandie WWII Dogtag et criquet US WWII
N°6 Chaussures_objets_vie_tous_les_jours_occupation Pointe du Hoc Rangers USA WWII
Ambulance américaine WWII Normandie Camp soldat américains Normandie WWII Salle Projection

Gift Shop

At the entrance, open to all, our gift shop is at your disposition with many books in several languages devoted to vital points in the story, tee-shirts, hats, mugs and a range of souvenirs in connection with the site.

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